Definition of overnighter in English:



  • 1A person who stops at a place overnight.

    ‘there were no overnighters asleep on bedrolls’
    • ‘If we treated the cruisers right, and just 20 percent came back as overnight visitors, that would be a million more overnighters per year.’
    • ‘There are towels in the changing room for the overnighters' use.’
    • ‘Usually a day trip, but overnighters could try the Red Lion in Sapcote, £15 a head.’
    • ‘So, the others, except for the overnighters, hadn't woken up, yet, while you were preparing breakfast?’
    • ‘We had 5 million visitors, and 1 million were overnighters.’
    • ‘The college is open to visitors, but also to overnighters on a range of dates, including during The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival.’
    • ‘Overnighters did not seem to mind the absence of such modern amenities as running water and inside bathrooms or the fact that they had to bring their own sleeping pads and bags.’
    • ‘‘We are already seeing overnighters who have digressed from the tourist drive after seeing our billboards, instantly becoming so comfortable that they stay on for another night or two,’ John said.’
    • ‘The ‘overnighters’ are those who spend the night in the swamp, usually because they wandered too far off the dirt roads and lost their way.’
    • ‘New high-speed trains made some previously isolated spas more attractive to Tokyo day-trippers and overnighters.’
    • ‘This plan balances the demands of the 100-odd climbers who scale the 11,237-foot peak's south face with those of the handful of overnighters who trek into the region's more remote areas.’
    1. 1.1 An overnight bag.
      • ‘Thanks to all those UK resellers who entered our competition to win an exclusive laptop overnighter.’
      • ‘When experienced traveler Madeleine takes monthly business jaunts around the country, she brings along her trusty black overnighter.’
      • ‘‘A woman enters. Dressed attractively for the road, carrying her overnighter. She is quite beautiful.’’
      • ‘‘I am in a hurry. In any case, I am not happy about it,’ said a lady in dark blue suit, carrying an overnighter.’
      • ‘She packed her overnighter and took the bus back to the airport, Rome behind her, golden and pink under a setting sun – not a trace of rain in the sky.’
    2. 1.2North American An overnight trip or stay.
      ‘an overnighter at a nearby campsite’
      • ‘A trip to the specialist means closing down your operation for a while and then a long drive or a flight and then perhaps an overnighter?’
      • ‘Most parties that he went to at campus usually had overnighters.’
      • ‘We have now expanded our outdoors experience to include an overnighter with Daddy one night a week.’
      • ‘It's common enough, but it's not dead common, so when I'm on one of these little overnighters and I only have… let me do a little math… 21 hours to obtain the thing, there's a minor undercurrent of tension.’
      • ‘Hey ho. Meanwhile, I find myself home late, preparing for an overnighter.’
      • ‘They had a blast and the overnighters the older campers went on, made it a little quieter around the house those nights.’
      • ‘This time it might be an overnighter, and maybe we'll even get to catch up with Dek if he's not busy.’
      • ‘In Pittsburgh, Girl Scouts will be invited to attend an overnighter at the Carnegie Science Center, which will involve a science show and over 20 tables with chemistry-related hands-on activities.’
      • ‘If you are on a short session just lasting a few hours or an overnighter, I have found the best way to get a quick take is to use a pop-up hookbait.’
      • ‘So far it's shrunk from a mission up to Te Urewera National Park with three days tramping down to an overnighter in the Wairarapa.’
      • ‘On Friday afternoon the First XV left for their vital Round Robin match against Seapoint in Dublin and overnighter in The Red Cow Hotel.’
      • ‘The lake was a local hangout, and he tended to go on overnighters with his friends whenever they got a chance.’
      • ‘You will also note that as the venue is some distance from home, most of my sessions were overnighters.’
      • ‘It's just for the past couple of days; Brandon and I have been in the apartment by ourselves because the rest went on an overnighter or something.’
      • ‘I just got in from a day trip with sleepover - hang on, that makes it an overnighter - trip to down south, for fun filled frivolity in Sorrento, and a catch up with the missus.’
      • ‘For the overnighter I pretty much took a toothbrush, my hot-water bottle and a change of underwear.’
      • ‘Always a good rule, but you may be tempted to just load up the old jalopy, even for an overnighter.’
      • ‘I'd put down a couple of overnighters at Turnberry as part of my ‘Exceptional Needs Allowance’, which included one receipt for a very pleasant bottle of '99 Chateau Beychevelle St Julien, which came in at £50 a pop.’
      • ‘In this movie though, it's formed out of an epicene husband and a working-class orphan who have cemented their bonds in her absence, in a tent on an overnighter in the dark forest, to the tune of hooting owls.’
      • ‘They'd come along on overnighters, or for a couple of days only.’