Definition of overmatch in English:



[with object]usually as adjective overmatched
North American
  • Be stronger, better armed, or more skilful than.

    ‘the city's overmatched police’
    • ‘Steven, Kiri and now Monty were channeling every dreg of their formidable power into their defense of Rose, but they were overmatched.’
    • ‘In person, overmatched players are more clearly, visually apparent.’
    • ‘It wasn't the man's fault that he was severely overmatched by someone that could effectively disable him and his weapon of choice in less than forty seconds.’
    • ‘He's still overmatched defensively at times, but that's probably not going to change.’
    • ‘The post players are solid, but they could be overmatched against teams with strong post play.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the instant their blades made contact, she knew herself to be dangerously overmatched.’
    • ‘They were nice enough guys, but both had been golfing more than once in the last 5 years, so we were overmatched from the start.’
    • ‘But some nights this group of defensemen simply will be overmatched.’
    • ‘So, like all overmatched rich guys, he plays it right down the middle, afraid to give us anything to like or hate.’
    • ‘He'll spend the fall beating overmatched cornerbacks.’
    • ‘Though they can be overmatched defensively, it's hard to fault the results.’
    • ‘Yet there is something sad about the whole thing, particularly the harsh reality that even the great ones can be overmatched at this level.’
    • ‘The team finished 28th in pass defense last season and was overmatched completely against good quarterbacks.’
    • ‘He now can hit average fastballs; he was overmatched against them before.’
    • ‘But he played center all season and was overmatched against bigger centers.’
    • ‘The team must get better play at defensive tackle to take some pressure off a secondary that is sometimes overmatched.’
    • ‘The match was played in front of virtually no spectators, but it was obvious from the beginning that the Bulgarian team was overmatched.’
    • ‘If it was a demon, or something worse, the elves will be badly overmatched.’
    • ‘As a warrior I'm afraid that your friend is sorely overmatched.’
    • ‘They're old enough to know they're overmatched, but young enough to think they might have a chance.’