Definition of overmantel in English:



  • An ornamental structure over a mantelpiece, typically of plaster or carved wood and sometimes including a mirror.

    • ‘To the right of the hall is the sitting room which is painted a deep, warm red and has the original fireplace and mirror overmantel.’
    • ‘In 1980 the overmantel was the subject of a six-month campaign of conservation, when the failing plaster was stabilized and most of the paint from the ornamentation was removed.’
    • ‘The sitting room has double French doors leading into the back garden, a polished wooden floor and a large fireplace with a marble overmantel and hearth.’
    • ‘The tops of cabinets, doorframes, and overmantels rapidly became the preferred locations for the display of newly imported and prized porcelain.’
    • ‘The overmantel in the Small Drawing-Room at Levens Hall in Cumbria, for example, is supported by a pair of full-length figures, dating from the Tudor period, representing Samson to the left and Hercules to the right of the fireplace.’
    • ‘Carved overmantels, slate hearths and marble surrounds are typical of Victorian homes where making an impression with expensive materials was the fashion.’
    • ‘By the mid 18th century it was much more common for door furniture to be integrated with an interior design with ornament matching overmantels and cabinets.’
    • ‘Both rooms feature very fine fireplaces with tiled and brass insets and wooden overmantels.’
    • ‘Opposite this is a family room with a large brick fireplace with timber overmantel, ceiling cornice and centrepiece.’
    • ‘The carved foliage with ribbons and laurel wreaths applied to the center of the end cupboards relates to carvings on some of the best Federal mantels and overmantels in New Orleans.’
    • ‘Before Banks, commissions for sculptures in Britain produced busts, public statues, church monuments and decorative reliefs for overmantels and overdoors.’
    • ‘The fireplace and overmantel are furnished with objects that reaffirm the collectors' particular affinity for the arts of Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘In the dining room there was a great teak overmantel and china cabinets were built into the alcoves.’
    • ‘The overmantel contains its original rectangular mirror plate and has a moulded bead and leaf frame measuring 83 centimetres high by 150 wide.’
    • ‘Pending further discoveries, the mirror has been returned to the overmantel in the Velvet Bedroom.’
    • ‘It must have formed part of one of these early Morris overmantels.’
    • ‘Below the gallery he divided the long wall into three sections with two Empire chimneypieces and overmantels.’
    • ‘There is an open fireplace with an oak overmantel.’
    • ‘The crowning glory was the astonishing overmantel looking glass shown in Plate III.’
    • ‘As the influence of neoclassicism began to emerge, overmantels changed accordingly.’