Definition of overloud in English:



  • Excessively noisy or loud.

    ‘an overloud car stereo’
    • ‘If I took public transport, I would read the paper instead to avoid the risk of going deaf listening to overloud podcasts on an mp3 player turned up high enough to drown out the external noise.’
    • ‘The king's voice, which rarely rises above normal speaking levels, is harsh and overloud.’
    • ‘The quiet conversations are followed by overloud street noise, which causes everyone in the room to grab their ears in pained agony.’
    • ‘They walked in silence, their quiet footsteps seeming overloud in the quiet street.’
    • ‘His tone turned mournful, still slightly squeaky and overloud.’
    • ‘There was much singing and dancing to accordion accompaniment, pleasant until taken over by an overloud PA system.’
    • ‘Alas, even the ill-chosen piano music between scenes is overloud and irritating.’
    • ‘Somehow, I felt as if whatever we had built here might come crashing back down at an overloud voice.’
    • ‘Words fail as I attempt to describe this disgusting spew of random horn hits and cloying, overloud singing, but I'll leave it like this.’
    • ‘The overloud ringing of the phone startled him out of his chair.’
    • ‘From the loudspeakers, there is overloud music and even louder noise.’