Definition of overlord in English:



  • 1A ruler, especially a feudal lord.

    ‘Charles was overlord of vast territories in Europe’
    ‘the Jews rebelled against their Roman overlords’
    • ‘With the help of his feudal overlord Henry I of France, William, aged twenty, crushed the revolt on the field of Vales Dunes, near Caen.’
    • ‘Fortunately, reason prevailed, the feudal overlords decamped, and no-one (apart from an unfortunate Indonesian border policeman) was killed.’
    • ‘Much later, during the mid-1800s, Kathak had a renaissance and gained prominence among the kings and feudal overlords not only as a form of entertainment but also as a classical art form.’
    • ‘The pope went on in 1303 to confirm the disputed choice of Albert of Hapsburg as Holy Roman Emperor and announce that the emperor was overlord of all other rulers, including the king of France.’
    • ‘I shall concentrate on the latter aspect here, but from time to time, the interests of the popes as feudal overlords had a significant impact on their decisions and policies in the international sphere.’
    • ‘While the private propaganda apparatus and its ruling class overlords pay ample lip service to the virtues of competition in the marketplace, they are quite unwilling to submit themselves to competition in the realm of ideas.’
    • ‘Some of these battles are being waged between relatively colonized states and their former overlords; in other cases, colonial domination is a current phenomenon.’
    • ‘The grant of the lordship of Ireland could be interpreted as leaving the papacy as ultimate feudal overlord and thus make possible a native appeal against the king of England.’
    • ‘A feudal magnate could exercise more power over his tenants than the king who was his overlord.’
    • ‘William inherited a financial system which brought him the income from royal lands, the revenues from justice, and his dues as overlord.’
    • ‘There had been a storm, though, I think, and the ship had run aground on an island ruled by some sort of nasty feudal overlord.’
    • ‘Forgive me if in the 21st century I don't want to be celebrating our former feudal overlords.’
    • ‘Regret about the abolition of droit de seigneur and the right of feudal overlords to flog peasants may be comic, but it is hardly an interesting political philosophy.’
    • ‘The anti-hero this time around is Lord Zetta, a brazen, arrogant jerk of an overlord who inadvertently destroys his own netherworld and ends up getting trapped inside a book.’
    • ‘This is exactly how evil overlords laugh and I know how to spell it due to my illustrious television writing career.’
    • ‘Are they not justified in seizing power from the overlords?’
    • ‘Like it or not, we're going to have to work together to stop this overlord.’
    • ‘His position once secured (which took some years), his conduct in all the kingdoms except Northumbria and Wessex seems to have been more that of a direct ruler than a remote overlord.’
    • ‘It's the same way I often have to leave the house when we have someone come by and clean for us - I feel guilty just sitting there like some imperialist overlord, watching them work.’
    • ‘That partly explains why they were remarkably compliant toward the foreign overlords and receptive to what they taught’
    1. 1.1 A person of great power or authority.
      ‘the undisputed overlord of the crime family’
      • ‘For the most part, however, only a very small minority of people will be better off - yes, the capitalist overlords - and nothing else matters.’
      • ‘Rather than flaunting his authority, he is more of a learned peer, and beer drinker, than overlord.’
      • ‘Indeed, the importance of having a free and fair press in an online world dominated by corporate overlords shows how deeply players are invested in their virtual existence’
      • ‘Their Munich-based overlords have tried in desperation to impose sanctions on both players and officials, ordering national associations to banish what they regard as defectors to an unauthorised competition.’
      • ‘Average Americans may yet roar loud enough to take back the power from their corporate overlords.’
      • ‘It's like it's been programmed into my skull and some mysterious overlord is controlling my actions.’
      • ‘We worship our newly enlarged, all powerful, democratically elected mayoral overlord.’
      • ‘I wish him luck and hope he's allowed to put out a mag that he doesn't have to compromise on because of some corporate overlord's interference.’
      • ‘Furthermore, there was no Atlantic interference, proving that a major label debut need not sound like a hit-machine product, and a major label band need not kneel before their corporate overlords.’