Definition of overlayer in English:



  • A top or covering layer.

    ‘overlayers of paint and varnish had been added to the tables in later years’
    • ‘The initial pressure of the cavity gases exceeds the pressure from overlayers of hard dirt and rock by many orders of magnitude.’
    • ‘The technique still survives, but nowadays less linear and more pictorial effects are sought by cutting away the plaster overlayer from whole areas and graduating the amount removed in order to produce middle tones.’
    • ‘Exposure of the preparation to a different wavelength of UV radiation forces the second polymer-making chemical to harden into a thin, transparent overlayer.’
    • ‘An initial scan of the exhibition provided a delicious array of vibrantly colored shapes arranged as patchwork configurations; these shapes were combined with overlayers of sinuous linear motifs that invited pleasant meditation.’
    • ‘This allows the acrylic base drawing to appear clearly through the oil overlayer.’