Definition of overlarge in English:



  • Too large.

    ‘an overlarge meal’
    • ‘She slung her gray sweat shirt over her head and adjusted the overlarge shoulders.’
    • ‘The suit hung on her small frame like an overlarge coat.’
    • ‘Similarly, overlarge graphics, dancing buttons, blinking text, and other bells and whistles can draw too much attention to themselves and detract from the reader's overall experience.’
    • ‘Whatever it was, it glowed bright white, except for two red parts shaped like overlarge eyes in the middle of the face.’
    • ‘They were small, hard sweets, each in a slightly overlarge, individual wrapper, on which was printed the company name, website address, and a small but improving passage from the Bible.’
    • ‘With this, he sat his overlarge body into an equally oversized chair at the very end of the long table.’
    • ‘It feels like an overlarge patchwork suit worn by a man who has gone on a crash diet.’
    • ‘Do you really have to poke your overlarge nose where it is not wanted?’
    • ‘If nothing else, Stephen had an overlarge opinion of himself, and it was refreshing to hear someone put him down.’
    • ‘She invited them into her small apartment excitedly, almost tripping on one of her overlarge mismatched socks.’
    • ‘Even as I write, I can taste the juicy steak, the melting cheese, the caramelised onions and zingy sauce wrapped in bread which was crispy and not overlarge.’
    • ‘Her eyes, a little overlarge for her face, were the color of dying moss.’
    • ‘Most of it was covered with her baseball cap, and her overlarge jacket clung to her shoulders.’
    • ‘An overlarge staircase took up a large slice of the living space.’
    • ‘He walked along the dark streets with his hands in his overlarge pockets.’
    • ‘Don't plant permanent plants in overlarge containers.’
    • ‘From the outside, the arena could easily be mistaken for an overlarge nightclub.’
    • ‘It was refused on the grounds that it was overlarge and out of keeping with the area.’
    • ‘Cassandra directed her next chain of complaints at this overlarge but docile feline.’
    • ‘He still had the same thin frame, balding head, slightly overlarge front teeth, and large glasses.’