Definition of overinvestment in English:



mass noun
  • The action or fact of investing more money or resources in a project or enterprise than is necessary.

    ‘an artificial and uneconomic overinvestment in capital goods’
    • ‘The overinvestment in equipment and software has not been wholly purged.’
    • ‘The boom produced huge overinvestment in some industries, as companies learned too late.’
    • ‘The analyst said overcapacity caused by overinvestment will lead to a fall in the unit prices.’
    • ‘The economy's Achilles heel is overinvestment by businesses.’
    • ‘This is but one more example of an age-old phenomenon in which rapid increases in asset prices encourage a credit binge and overinvestment that proved unsustainable once asset prices fell.’
    • ‘The history of the industry is rife with massive overinvestment in services consumers didn't actually want.’
    • ‘The longer the price stays high, the more overinvestment in drilling you get.’
    • ‘Some advisers also think the tax credit may have spurred overinvestment in farm machinery before the farm debt crash of the 1980s.’
    • ‘The electricity famine is a result of overinvestment and an overheated economy.’
    • ‘The credit expansion of the boom leads to overinvestment.’