Definition of overheat in English:



  • 1Make or become too hot.

    no object ‘her car started to overheat’
    with object ‘it's vital not to overheat the liquid’
    • ‘This was my first hint that the car was overheating.’
    • ‘Two million cars overheat daily in smog-choked traffic jams on the ever-increasing suite of 12-lane ringroads.’
    • ‘The reason I bring this up in the context of traffic jams is because I got caught on the edge of the battle when my driver's car broke down after he forgot to put coolant in the car and it overheated.’
    • ‘I was in and out of sleep and didn't realize it either until his car overheated and blew the radiator cap.’
    • ‘This meant a quick pit visit to clear the radiator ducts of grass as the car started to overheat.’
    • ‘It later transpired her three-year-old son had used the cassette slot as a piggybank and jammed and overheated the mechanism with 26 coins’
    • ‘It wasn't a $2 part that stopped Craig Lowndes in this year's race, but a plastic bag sucked into the radiator intake which overheated the engine.’
    • ‘We raised our eyebrows at each other, and gave sympathetic smiles to those who were stuck at the side of the road because their car had overheated.’
    • ‘Cars overheated and ran out of gas, making matters worse.’
    • ‘It was feared the gas contents could overheat and destroy the car workshop.’
    • ‘If this happens the coolant won't be able to circulate around the engine and hence, the engine overheats.’
    • ‘Eventually, we foreign idiots were able to decipher that the car was overheating.’
    • ‘Don't leave perishable food items to overheat in the boot of your car while you do other shopping.’
    • ‘If they get trapped in these pools as the tide goes out, they can be dangerously overheated.’
    • ‘Without an efficient cooling system, your Toyota car is bound to overheat and to perform poorly.’
    • ‘My car decided to overheat intermittently, the iPod started to skip, and my phone decided it wouldn't recognise its SIM card.’
    • ‘You would know your car is overheating when steam starts to billow from your engine compartment.’
    • ‘Both children and pets can overheat quickly and should never be left in a car unattended, he said.’
    • ‘After his engine had overheated, he had parked the bike at a nearby liquor store.’
    • ‘If the car stops because it overheats at the slow speeds, does the driver go to the rear of the grid on Sunday?’
    1. 1.1 Make or become too excited.
      ‘his overheated imagination’
      • ‘Paranoia and overheated rhetoric came from all sides.’
      • ‘It's the last real upset of the day and the only thing that was overheating was the imagination of the person who reported it.’
      • ‘Such ‘unitarianism of the Spirit’ is no figment of some overheated Roman imagination.’
      • ‘We will hear the result soon, amidst the usual overheated rhetoric of slippery slopes and miracle recoveries.’
      • ‘The result, McGinn sympathetically explains, is the cooling of an overheated imagination.’
      • ‘I kind of stumbled across these messages, but I still thought it was just my own overheated imagination making all these connections.’
  • 2no object (of a country's economy) show marked inflation when increased demand results in rising prices rather than increased output.

    ‘in 1987 the Treasury had allowed the economy to overheat’
    • ‘Corrections may well be more painful if Asian economies overheat and American consumers keep overspending.’
    • ‘Normally, as the economy overheats inflation begins to take hold.’
    • ‘The tax cuts planned for Tuesday's budget are certain to send an already overheated economy to boiling point.’
    • ‘The IMF is worried China's economy could overheat and generate a troubling inflation that would raise the risk of an economic crash.’
    • ‘If the economy was truly overheating, what else could the Fed have done but try to slow things down?’
    • ‘The Fed raises rates if it thinks the economy is overheating, causing prices to rise.’
    • ‘First, there is less danger that the U.S. economy can overheat when much of domestic demand can be satisfied by foreign production capacity.’
    • ‘Despite spots of tempering demand, global growth is accelerating and the US economy remains desperately overheated.’
    • ‘But rapid exports and investment demand have led to concerns that the Chinese economy could overheat.’
    • ‘If they stay too low, the economy would overheat.’
    • ‘First, the increasingly maligned US economy is desperately overheated, with inflationary pressures greater today than they have been in many years.’
    • ‘For one, with the U.S. economy desperately overheated and imbalanced, another big shot of credit-induced liquidity was precisely what was not needed.’
    • ‘How fast must the Federal Reserve raise interest rates to assure that demand doesn't overheat, allowing rising costs to pass through into faster consumer inflation?’
    • ‘An added worry is that several sectors of China's economy may be overheating and this could presage higher wholesale and retail prices over the year to come.’
    • ‘We continue to believe that interest rates will head higher as a desperately overheated economy fuels unprecedented borrowing demands.’
    • ‘The economy overheats and stock prices diverge wildly from any semblance of reasonable valuation.’
    • ‘However, rapid export and investment demand have led to concerns that the economy could overheat.’
    • ‘Is the economy overheating or heading for a nasty fall?’
    • ‘A prolonged increase in government spending over several years could also lead to overheating if the US economy recovers quickly next year.’
    • ‘The stock market exploded and the economy turned from strong to dangerously overheated.’