Definition of overhang in English:



Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈhaŋ/
  • Hang or extend outwards over:

    ‘a concrete path overhung by jacaranda trees’
    ‘overhanging branches’
    • ‘The branches of the tree overhang the meditating figure of the person seeking ‘brahma-vidya’ or the Knowledge of God, on whom all creation depends for its life.’
    • ‘Further down the river some trees were overhanging the water.’
    • ‘Eventually, at a junction with a road, cross over and, on the other side of an island in a car park, follow a track with trees overhanging it on both sides.’
    • ‘Besides cutting back overhanging trees on a three-mile stretch of path, volunteers also laid grass seed and collected debris.’
    • ‘In the provision of boundary fencing, some heavy, overhanging tree or hedge branches may need to be cut back, to allow sufficient access.’
    • ‘We would select a vine well attached to a large tree overhanging a gully.’
    • ‘There were also problems about the ‘quite steep and winding steps’ to the new site, made dark by overhanging trees and shrubs.’
    • ‘To be most effective, the roof should be fully exposed and away from overhanging tree branches.’
    • ‘Grace crept away silently, and climbed a tree that overhung the path.’
    • ‘There were two rusting chairs and a crate for a table, overhung by a branch of a Heaven Tree just beginning to leaf.’
    • ‘Tall palm trees with overhanging branches shaded the civilization here, aided by large boulders.’
    • ‘The narrow paths are totally overhung by the branches of moss-covered trees and eventually open onto sheep pastures dominated by towering Scots Pines.’
    • ‘There is nothing worse for them than overhanging trees as there is no way they can get out of the way of them.’
    • ‘A Rosehill couple plagued by trees overhanging their back garden for the last three decades are seeking legal advice and starting a petition in a bid to resolve the problem.’
    • ‘Pale sunlight filters through the trees that overhang the water's edge, throwing veiled patches of gold onto the turgid brown river where cattle drink under the watchful eye of a young herdsman.’
    • ‘Cut off tree branches that overhang your house.’
    • ‘He urged people to cut back overhanging trees and hedges, avoid parking on the pavement, and think carefully about the positioning of wheelie bins.’
    • ‘There was a tall tree overhanging the road and once I climbed up with a basket of gravel and threw it on the bus.’
    • ‘The end of the garden is overhung with neighbouring sycamore trees.’
    • ‘About fifty yards ahead there was a thrush sitting high and singing innocently in an ash tree that overhung the road.’
    hang over
    be imminent
    impend, protuberate
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Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvəhaŋ/
  • 1A part of something that extends or hangs over something else:

    ‘he crouched beneath an overhang of bushes’
    • ‘Adam stalked beneath the porch overhang, headed for his horse.’
    • ‘If you're lucky an eagle ray might cruise past, or you could find a turtle snoozing beneath an overhang.’
    • ‘They stood beneath the overhang for a moment, then stepped out into the rain.’
    • ‘The bandits looked up to see a teenage boy hanging by his feet from the overhang.’
    • ‘The roof overhang does not extend the living accommodation and the external width is otherwise only 1 inch in excess of the statutory limit.’
    • ‘Voices sounded loud and hard beneath the concrete overhang.’
    • ‘To find some colour, I settle to looking beneath overhangs and under boulders’
    • ‘Turtles rest on the reef top or on ledges beneath coral overhangs, though they can often be seen cruising along the reef edge.’
    • ‘Hanging from an overhang by a bare knuckle with not so much as a carabiner, let alone a safety net to halt your fall, I hear you gasp.’
    • ‘She walked beneath the overhang, and stepped up the curb.’
    • ‘Her mother pulled the van to a stop beneath the overhang.’
    • ‘Twisting beneath waterfalls and rocky overhangs, an unprotected drop-off to near certain death is a constant travel companion.’
    • ‘After installing the bolt, I clipped it with a short sling to allow the rope to run freely beneath the overhang.’
    • ‘At one point, a huge puffer vied for attention with an even bigger hogfish, while an eagle ray dug into the sand beneath an overhang of soft corals.’
    • ‘The foxes aren't thought to dig much - they live in dens under bushes or rock overhangs.’
    • ‘The rocks are slightly undercut, with small shrimps and anemones beneath the overhangs.’
    • ‘We swoop down a canyon to see fronds of black coral growing beneath a slight overhang.’
    • ‘He tethered the horses in a cleft beneath the overhang and went to cut some pine boughs.’
    • ‘Rick had been hoping to show me some caves beneath the overhang.’
    • ‘Looking towards the mountain above, he saw an overhang with a ledge below it containing a large nest.’
  • 2A quantity of securities or commodities large enough to make prices fall if offered for sale.

    • ‘Moreover, the massive international liquidity pool offers an overhang of constant downward pressure on the converged price of global finance.’
    • ‘They won't spur much investment, given the capacity overhang.’
    • ‘To the extent that excess inventories of tech gear are imports, the burden of reducing the overhang will fall on foreign orders and production.’
    • ‘Whether we pay it back or not, the overhang will dictate the tone of the economy over the coming years.’
    • ‘Yes, shareholder dilution may potentially be reduced due to lesser option overhang, but reported earnings will still be negatively affected.’
    • ‘This has meant that the supply of shares is outstripping demand for them, creating a share overhang, which has caused the price to remain quite flat.’
    • ‘An appeal would drag out the issue well into 2004, maintaining the current overhang on the share price for an additional unspecified period of time.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this approach has the unintended potential consequence of increasing stock option overhang.’
    • ‘The trade continued to be affected by the overhang of the price freeze order issued last year.’
    • ‘Also boosting the shares yesterday was the clearance of a stock overhang, which had weighed on its performance for weeks.’
    • ‘The two principal forces were the monetary overhang and price liberalization.’
    • ‘The presence of monetary or inflationary overhang in the economy exacerbates this situation.’
    • ‘‘The sale removes an overhang in the stock, is good for its liquidity and could put the company in play,’ said an analyst.’
    • ‘However, with acquisitions comes stock overhang.’
    • ‘A rebound in demand will clear out the overhang quickly.’
    • ‘Companies can keep fixed accounting treatment for their equity compensation, and at the same time reduce the option overhang.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, most economists now believe that the liquidity overhang is not likely to have much impact on inflation.’