Definition of overexposure in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəʊv(ə)rɛkˈspəʊʒə//ˌəʊv(ə)rɪkˈspəʊʒə/


mass noun
  • 1Excessive exposure, especially to something harmful.

    ‘people are urged to avoid overexposure to the sun’
    ‘she suffered from overexposure to noxious air’
    • ‘As with most minerals and vitamins, overexposure can be harmful.’
    • ‘Nine patients died, with five deaths directly attributed to radiation overexposure.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet light can trigger a flare of lupus, so it's important to avoid overexposure.’
    • ‘Overexposure also increases the risk of skin cancer.’
    • ‘Anyone who exercises in hot weather should be familiar with the following four heat overexposure symptoms.’
    • ‘The one common reason that permeates all these outlook downgrades is the volatility of stock markets and the insurer's overexposure in equity assets.’
    • ‘Protect them from overexposure to war talk and war images.’
    • ‘Well-controlled doses of the drug can work wonders, but overexposure can be disastrous.’
    • ‘However, any complexion can become blotchy, leathery and wrinkled from continued sun overexposure.’
    • ‘In many ways, the salmon are a perfect example of the dangers of overtraining and cortisol overexposure.’
    1. 1.1 Excessive media coverage, especially to the point that people lose interest.
      ‘at certain times, a celebrity may suffer from overexposure’
      ‘Louis feared media overexposure might damage his career’
      • ‘The melodies themselves are great but worn from overexposure.’
      • ‘Despite teetering on the edge of overexposure, Winnie the Pooh remains one of Disney's most endearing characters.’
      • ‘In fact, White's character is an example how overexposure dulls the edge of comedy.’
      • ‘I've never heard of dancers having problems getting hired because of overexposure.’
      • ‘The movie is an indictment of musical overexposure and hype as recounted by those who were the musical pawns.’
      • ‘Romantic comedies, especially those set in high schools and colleges, have suffered from overexposure in the past few years.’
      • ‘The craze peaked from 1953 to '55, but like all fads it began to fade by 1957 due to overexposure.’
      • ‘The Toronto Sun columnist said he "has decided to become the Mr. Television of Ontario politics" and warned "overexposure can be a killer."’
      • ‘Personal appearances are where porn stars make their real money, especially when Falcon only puts him in four films a year to avoid overexposure.’
      • ‘The player's endorsed everything from sporting goods to men's cologne - successfully and without overexposure.’
    2. 1.2Photography Exposure of a film or a part of an image to light for too long a time.
      ‘the deleted scenes suffer from overexposure and print defects’
      • ‘The cinematography is lush and superbly stylized, with an oversaturated color palate and brilliant whites bordering on overexposure.’
      • ‘Sufficient overexposure would help to control the appearance of the highlights, and moving to the water bath at the appropriate time would help control exposure scale.’
      • ‘On this new disc, expect frequent graininess, occasional overexposure, and shifting levels of detail.’
      • ‘People keep telling me Greece is remarkably bright and I am afraid of overexposure (fastest shutter speed is 1/400).’
      • ‘If you have an SLR that has a spot-metering feature, take a reading of just the bright area and then bracket in half- or full-stop increments toward overexposure.’
      • ‘I normally bracket each exposure at least one stop in both directions (underexposure and overexposure).’
      • ‘The entire 15 seconds created overexposure on the foreground, so I scaled it back to 5 seconds, and was pretty happy with that.’
      • ‘Through her book, she touches on the relationship between posing and composition, flare and overexposure, and styling and props.’
      • ‘In the case of underexposure or overexposure, the photograph could immediately be taken again.’
      • ‘Mexico was shot using extreme overexposure and printing down, adjusting the shutter angle to 45 degrees to give it a very strobey look.’