Definition of overexert in English:



overexert oneself
  • Engage in too much or too strenuous exertion.

    ‘it can be dangerous to overexert yourself’
    • ‘The doctor had told me that I had been unconscious for three days because I had overexerted my body.’
    • ‘The doctors said that I had overexerted myself and that's what made me pass out.’
    • ‘As far as I can tell, she's simply ill and she overexerted herself.’
    • ‘She's afraid that I've been overexerting myself.’
    • ‘It is important to note that serious heat illness is more likely to occur in people who are overexerting and not as well conditioned.’
    • ‘You overexerted some of your muscles and several small tears had appeared in your lower leg muscle.’
    • ‘High blood pressure forces your heart to overexert itself.’
    • ‘We have to make sure that she does not overexert herself.’
    • ‘He had overexerted himself and was now suffering with a fever.’
    • ‘If you do go directly to high altitude by car or plane, do not overexert yourself or move higher for the first 24 hours’
    • ‘The cat had overexerted himself chasing it, and had gone down defiantly with his prey in his paws.’
    • ‘Both are mass-produced, which evidently overexerts the natural resources.’
    • ‘If you're able to hold a conversation while jogging, it's a good sign you're not overexerting yourself.’
    • ‘Exercise to maintain body heat but don't overexert.’
    • ‘You must have overexerted yourself screaming at Chon because you just collapsed.’
    • ‘My doctors cautioned me to avoid doing any activity that would overexert my heart, so I rarely exercised.’
    • ‘The walls are infused with healing crystals in case someone overexerts themselves.’