Definition of overdue in English:



  • 1Not having arrived, happened, or been done by the expected time.

    ‘the rent was nearly three months overdue’
    ‘overdue bills’
    • ‘The refurbishment of the town hall in Naas, now three months overdue, is expected to cost in the region of half a million Euro.’
    • ‘But when the masterpiece arrives, 37 years overdue, can it live up to its own myth?’
    • ‘The train to Central City had yet arrive and was overdue.’
    • ‘In the late 1860s Whitman received overdue recognition in America as the early reactions to his radical style began to fade.’
    • ‘The goalie finally received his overdue medal during the first week of the games.’
    • ‘All I'm saying is that we're 7 years overdue for skinny ties and narrow lapels.’
    • ‘This resignation was, I believe, widely expected and arguably long overdue.’
    • ‘But I do have a mountain of overdue schoolwork to do’
    • ‘The amenities have not materialised and are now long overdue and residents are becoming uneasy about when they arrive.’
    • ‘I note that the bill itself is well over a year overdue, since the date of the Stockholm agreement, yet nowhere in the bill does it actually state what the exportation of those certain goods are.’
    late, not on time, behind schedule, behindhand, behind time, long-overdue, long-delayed, delayed, belated, tardy, unpunctual
    unpaid, unsettled, owing, owed, to be paid, payable, receivable, due, outstanding, undischarged, in arrears, in the red
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    1. 1.1 (of a woman) not having had a menstrual period at the expected time.
      ‘I was already a week-and-a-half overdue’
      • ‘I'm about three weeks overdue for my monthly snuffles, I reckon.’
    2. 1.2 (of a baby) not having been born by the expected time.
      ‘our daughter was six days overdue’
      • ‘We picked up our Chinese takeaways and raced home in time for the arrival of the baby - who was overdue in the end anyway.’
      • ‘The situation is placing an additional strain on the 20-year-old, whose baby is now one week overdue.’
      • ‘In due course, the drug worked and the amazing little baby even went a week overdue.’
      • ‘He wants desperately to be at the birth but the baby was four days overdue when he had to come to York for the UK event.’
      • ‘It was thirteen years ago today that Lauren said: this baby is overdue, overdue, we might have to try castor oil now!’
      • ‘Janelle, who is just 5ft 1in tall, went into labour when the baby was 12 days overdue.’
      • ‘Rachel couldn't wait for her second baby when she was eight days overdue, but little did she know that 30 minutes after having a bath she would be giving birth in the back of her partner's Ford Escort.’
      • ‘I enjoyed my three supposedly overdue weeks, and my instinct was always that my baby was thriving.’
      • ‘Still, the other girl's baby wasn't overdue so it appears to be the luck of the draw no matter what way you give birth.’
      • ‘She was born two weeks overdue at 10.08 am on January 29.’
      • ‘Given that I have only 5 weeks of maternity leave, having the baby come even a week overdue could be a real drag.’
    3. 1.3 (of a library book) retained longer than the period allowed.
      • ‘He says from now on they will not have to pay fines on their overdue library books, they cannot be arrested for being drunk and disorderly and they get free parking.’
      • ‘There is a slight sting in the tale for borrowers of library books that are overdue, however.’
      • ‘As I sat on the bus to university this night (late night mission to return some very overdue library books), I realised that I have a rule.’
      • ‘I'll be returning those overdue library books sharpish.’
      • ‘Rodney goes to Ireland to find an overdue library book.’
  • 2Having been needed for some time.

    ‘reform is now overdue’
    • ‘Many critics are saying troop withdrawal is already overdue.’
    • ‘The nuclear family paradigm is well overdue for an overhaul.’
    • ‘Back over a more suitable distance tomorrow, he can gain an overdue success in the hands of Tom Greenall.’
    • ‘Baillie's recent return to the form he showed in his youth is overdue.’
    • ‘That mediocre, built-on-the-cheap excuse for a bypass is overdue for an upgrade.’
    • ‘This is a reform that is well overdue.’
    • ‘The Legislature has been considering an overdue pay raise for judges all year.’
    • ‘The three rest camps in Etosha are overdue for basic maintenance.’
    • ‘Okay, that wage increase for home health workers was overdue.’
    • ‘The time is overdue for public outrage at the crimes being committed in the name of criminal justice.’
    • ‘These studies are overdue and of importance to our discipline if we are to be able to understand the significance and the role such awards play in our cultural development.’
    • ‘Restructuring or increased regulation of the industry might be overdue.’
    • ‘Despite the financial uncertainty at the club, a contract offer seems overdue.’
    • ‘It had been almost 10 years, so Barry was overdue for a visit.’
    • ‘"Creating a network specifically for the LGBT community is something we've wanted to do for a long, long time, and it's an idea we feel is overdue," says the network's chairman.’
    • ‘Change is overdue to the framework within which the international community approaches Burma.’
    1. 2.1 Having deserved or needed something for some time.
      ‘she was overdue for some leave’
      • ‘The opening of any new playground or the development of designated play areas for children is long overdue and something to be welcomed wholeheartedly.’
      • ‘We're long overdue for something like that to happen.’
      • ‘On Saturday I had a seriously overdue haircut, and changed the style a little bit’
      • ‘The need for consideration of the issue of truth in public and parliamentary discourse within democracies has been long overdue for re-examination.’
      • ‘This is a terrifically fun, raw and guts-forward record that was way overdue for a larger audience.’
      • ‘It seems to me that a rethink of educational policy in the way pupils are taught and the subjects they learn at school is long overdue.’
      • ‘This arcane system is now well overdue for reform.’
      • ‘And on top of that, the economy itself was long overdue for a recovery almost regardless of what the government was going to do.’
      • ‘Bermuda's taxi drivers haven't had a fare increase since 1997, making them long overdue for an inflation-linked one even in the absence of any improvement in service.’
      • ‘A hardened approach to this problem is long overdue, but it must have teeth.’
      • ‘The international laws that served us in the aftermath of the Second World War are overdue for reform.’
      • ‘Our 11 o'clock drinking curfew is antiquated and overdue for reform.’
      • ‘Action to address this problem is long overdue.’
      • ‘Regardless, council agreed, making an effort to fight the problem is long overdue.’
      • ‘A wind of change began blowing through the club earlier this year when members realised the premises were long overdue for refurbishment and the institution itself needed a fresher image.’
      • ‘This whole area is well overdue for public scrutiny and systematic reform.’
      • ‘The spokesman said that Mr Byers admitted there were problems with the present formula and that change was long overdue.’
      • ‘I, for one, believe numerology is long overdue for a revival.’
      • ‘We're overdue for a rethinking of the United Nations in general, from top to bottom, including its underlying principles.’
      • ‘This Toronto-born singer/pianist is way overdue for the big time.’