Definition of overdry in English:



[with object]
  • Make too dry.

    • ‘To get truer color, dry the flowers one at a time to avoid overdrying them.’
    • ‘Salicylic acid prevents new pimples from forming, while aloe vera, green-tea and sage extracts calm skin and keep it from overdrying.’
    • ‘The rich, foaming lather won't overdry or irritate skin.’
    • ‘Bath oils that contain antiseptic may have added benefit in certain cases but have a tendency to overdry and sometimes actually irritate the skin.’
    • ‘Delaying harvest greatly increases shatter losses and overdries the soybeans.’
    • ‘This means farmers can save on drying expenses, cut drying capacity, and reduce the potential loss from overdrying.’
    • ‘Stay away from traditional soap bars, which may leave a film (like soap scum) or act harshly and overdry normal skins.’
    • ‘This zit zapper kills acne-causing bacteria and contains oil-free moisturizers so it won't overdry your skin.’
    • ‘Ash also suggests keeping the clay moist while it's on your face so it doesn't overdry your skin.’