Definition of overdrink in English:



[no object]usually as noun overdrinking
  • Drink too much alcohol.

    ‘overeating and overdrinking have become major problems for Western society’
    • ‘Marriage experts said marital problems were likely to be made acute by overdrinking during the holiday, and by absence of family members.’
    • ‘Do you often counter depressive moods by some sort of potentially harmful compulsive behavior such as overworking, overspending, overdrinking, or overeating?’
    • ‘Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can lead to overeating and overdrinking, so eat a small snack before going to a social event and alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.’
    • ‘There was an incident in which he overdrank that led to his death.’
    • ‘Andreas felt he had crossed a line that Kiara had drawn against alcohol and overdrinking.’
    • ‘Despite my cyclically bad relationship with food and booze, I don't actually want those lapses - some of them long lapses of overeating and overdrinking - to be the basis of my lifestyle.’
    • ‘I am quite sure that I shall overdrink him and outfight him.’
    drink, swallow, gulp, gulp down, guzzle, slurp, attack, down, drink down, drink up, force down, get down, finish off, polish off, drain, empty, imbibe, have, take, partake of, ingest, consume, sup, sip, lap
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