Definition of overdetermination in English:



  • See overdetermine

    • ‘The strongest intuitive objection against overdetermination is clearly stated by Mills, who is himself a defender of overdetermination.’
    • ‘Yet the overdetermination of the heroine's suffering combined with stereotypically ‘poetic’ cinematography conspires to reinforce exactly these ideas of transnational political tourism.’
    • ‘Difficult legal problems arise in certain cases of overdetermination, often termed those of ‘overtaking causes’ or ‘causal preemption’.’
    • ‘Yet without some kind of broader guidance, the composition pedagogy course will remain at risk for the same kind of overdetermination that first-year composition faced (and still faces in many situations).’
    • ‘It's called overdetermination - they are all reasons, but you can't tell which combination is the right one.’