Definition of overcook in English:



  • Cook too much or for too long.

    with object ‘don't overcook the vegetables’
    no object ‘ensure that the food doesn't overcook during reheating’
    • ‘Ironically, although it's important to thoroughly cook meat, overcooking presents its own danger, namely cancer.’
    • ‘To draw the kind of analogy that Adams is adept at drawing, imagine a chef who overcooks the roast, and then, by way of apology, leaves the kitchen to join the diners in eating it.’
    • ‘It was a homey little diner where the food might either be undercooked or overcooked, but thank the heavens it was real food.’
    • ‘The Bolognaise sauce was delicious although the spaghetti looked slightly overcooked - not al dente.’
    • ‘Microwaves cook quickly, but not always evenly, making it possible to overcook or burn the outer edges while the centre is underdone.’
    • ‘The black-eyed bean and broccoli curry is a mistake, with the broccoli irredeemably overcooked.’
    • ‘I overcooked my first batch and several of them were burnt.’
    • ‘This was sent back to the kitchen as the rare steak was overcooked and the sauce Diane was burnt.’
    • ‘The salmon was a good thick steak and not overcooked.’
    • ‘Don't forget, though, that asparagus is also delicious raw (with a taste surprisingly similar to that of fresh peas) and so always aim to undercook rather than overcook it.’
    • ‘It used to have carving trolleys but they put the meat up there at 11 am so it was stone cold by lunch and it was overcooked by two o'clock because it was kept on paraffin heaters.’
    • ‘We all tucked in to our dishes of fish, and although the salmon tandoori was probably a touch overcooked, the red snapper was glorious.’
    • ‘My halibut was slightly overcooked and came with similarly overdone vegetables, making for an unmemorable experience.’
    • ‘By the time the stuffing is fully cooked the turkey is overcooked by 60 degrees or so.’
    • ‘Check the beans as they are cooking to make sure that they are not overcooking - they are prone to turning to a purée without warning.’
    • ‘However, the restaurant's most unforgivable sin, for which the cook should be banished to Hades forever, was to overcook the pasta.’
    • ‘The tiger prawns were huge and not overdone and the potatoes and vegetables not overcooked.’
    • ‘Because it cooks with steam, food can't burn, although it can overcook.’
    • ‘Another main course of seared Angus beef with its topping of slightly dry breadcrumbs and mushrooms was overcooked, unless you like beef grey.’
    • ‘But it was the addition of the bacon (not overcooked, not too salted) that brought this dish to life.’
    overcooked, overbaked, dried out, burnt, burnt to a cinder, burnt to a crisp
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