Definition of overbridge in English:



  • A bridge over a railway or road.

    ‘the overbridge was built to replace an underbridge which restricted lorry access’
    • ‘‘We would urge anyone wishing to cross the A64 to use the overbridge provided for their own safety,’ she added.’
    • ‘The new road has 29 structures, including 17 overbridges, five underbridges and an underpass.’
    • ‘Children as pedestrians are advised to cross the road only at zebra crossings, pedestrian subways and overbridges.’
    • ‘From the overbridge the pair warned passengers alighting from the train to avoid the Leeds fans by going a different way.’
    • ‘It would be so much easier to shut the road and get on with it while the new overbridge was being built.’
    • ‘Subways and overbridges should be constructed to help pedestrians cross roads without interrupting the traffic.’
    • ‘Pedestrian overbridges and subways provide total segregation of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.’
    • ‘On approaching the road overbridge, they noticed that the girder had collapsed and immediately stopped the train.’
    • ‘Construction of subways or overbridges for foot traffic will reduce disruption of traffic.’
    • ‘More flyovers, underpasses, subways and overbridges will ease the situation further.’
    • ‘The police, along with the Corporation, have been cleaning subways to make them more walkable and are even planning lift-operated foot overbridges.’
    • ‘For some moments I was lost in a succession of overbridges, retaining walls and manicured slopes along the gently winding superb new motorway.’
    • ‘There are numerous footbridges and road overbridges in this section, all for the convenience of the bustling innercity suburbs that surround it.’
    • ‘With traffic intersections allowing just 12 seconds for the pedestrian to cross the road, the solution perhaps lies in foot overbridges and underpasses.’
    • ‘There's zero traffic management, and the two main bottlenecks - the railway overbridge and Marathahalli village - see daily traffic jams.’
    • ‘Zebra crossings, pedestrian subways, overbridges and pedestrian signals are the best places to cross the road.’