Definition of overblow in English:



  • An instance of overblowing something; Metallurgy) a period or instance of overblowing a charge in a blast furnace.


  • 1with object Of the wind, etc.: to blow over the surface of. Of snow, sand, etc.: to cover (an animal, area, etc.) by blowing or being blown over.

  • 2To blow (an instrument) too hard or too loudly; to supply wind at too great a pressure to (an organ pipe).

  • 3no object To manipulate the behaviour of the column of air in (a wind instrument, or an organ pipe) in such a way as to produce a harmonic or overtone instead of the fundamental note. Also (of the instrument or pipe): to produce (a harmonic or overtone) by this means. Also without object or (occasionally) refl.

  • 4with object Metallurgy. To subject (a charge in a blast furnace) to an excessive length of blast. Also without object. Compare "overblown".

  • 5with object To exaggerate, overplay.


Early 18th century; earliest use found in Gentleman's Dictionary. From overblow<br>late Middle English (in an earlier sense). From over- + blow.