Definition of overbearingly in English:



  • See overbearing

    • ‘The film reiterates this distinction between worlds by directly contrasting the aquamarines, open sky and searing light of Spain with the cold, wet and overbearingly cramped world of London.’
    • ‘The fact is, many physicists can be overbearingly macho about their field.’
    • ‘Even without the verbal clue, these shadowy, heavy, almost overbearingly masculine works would suggest a world of weaponry and combat.’
    • ‘But then, if listeners feel the instinctive need to distance themselves from this overbearingly emotional display, there's also something bizarrely compelling about it, at least for me.’
    • ‘The commentary that accompanies the ads is eye opening, cleanly written and well-informed without being overbearingly insiderish.’