Definition of overawe in English:



  • Impress (someone) so much that they are silent or inhibited.

    ‘the eleven-year-old was overawed by the atmosphere’
    • ‘They say ignorance is bliss, and that proved to be the case because I wasn't overawed in that first game.’
    • ‘He wasn't overawed by the thought of working with the National.’
    • ‘He was overawed by the rows of desks tiered as in a movie theatre, each equipped with multiple laptops and surrounded by giant screens.’
    • ‘He showed that he was not overawed by the England shirt.’
    • ‘They had some big names in their squad but we weren't overawed, especially since a few of them were past their prime.’
    • ‘I am overawed by their brilliance, in what once must have been seen as an impossible task.’
    • ‘He insists he is not overawed by the challenge of winning the South.’
    • ‘It stood in its own park, with a lodge and a drive, partly to give privacy, partly to impress or even overawe visitors.’
    • ‘Having eaten there but once - and I was a guest so didn't have to pay, either - I was almost overawed by its excellence.’
    • ‘We were not overawed by their reputation as world champions, however, and physically there wasn't too much in it.’
    • ‘No big occasion or additional responsibility will overawe him.’
    • ‘Though I believe in artistic egalitarianism, I was overawed by the big names.’
    • ‘Could it be that at 14 he was slightly overawed by the occasion?’
    • ‘I was overawed and fully believed everything they told me.’
    • ‘It may come down to whether he is overawed by both the presence of Woods and the whole Masters occasion.’
    • ‘Two years on, Buchanan admits he was overawed by the Olympic experience in Sydney.’
    • ‘Crouching underneath two huge, tired-looking horse chestnut trees, we were overawed by the treasure trove among the fallen leaves.’
    • ‘You respect them for who they are, but you can't let that overawe you.’
    • ‘She is overawed by the extent of the old-style dance revival and says she has had to put on extra classes to cope with demand.’
    • ‘We were the only people in there at the time and the silence completely overawed us.’
    intimidate, daunt, cow, take someone's breath away, awe, disconcert, blind someone with something, unnerve, discourage, subdue, abash, dismay, frighten, alarm, scare, deter, terrify, terrorize, browbeat, bully
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