Definition of overarm in English:


adverb & adjective

  • (of a throw or a stroke with a racket) made with the hand or arm passing above the level of the shoulder.

    as adjective ‘the bowler was happy to demonstrate his overarm technique’
    as adverb ‘competitors can throw overarm or underarm’
    • ‘Among the exercises excluded are squash, football, surfing, backgammon and, sadly, bowling overarm.’
    • ‘I think basically it was an overarm stroke with a scissor kick with the legs.’
    • ‘In England, blind cricketers bowl overarm and with a slightly bigger ball about the size of a size 3 football.’
    • ‘IT'S clear from the history of cricket that bowling has gone through an evolution from underarm bowling to overarm bowling.’
    • ‘He lunges at the open window, hurling his strawberry milkshake in a cramped overarm throw.’
    • ‘One boxer, Khalid, who is 21, displays particular talent, with an overarm technique reminiscent of George Foreman.’
    • ‘He used a stroke he observed natives of the Solomon Islands using, which combined an up-and-down kick with an alternating overarm stroke.’
    • ‘Freestyle in those days was the trudgen, an alternating overarm stroke with a scissors kick.’
    • ‘If he's in a bad mood, he'll throw stones, and his overarm spin wouldn't disgrace the English team!’
    • ‘It's hard to get too excited for the England boys when they've just vanquished a team that can barely bowl overarm.’
    • ‘He is credited with introducing round-arm and overarm bowling to Victoria.’
    • ‘The underarm lob is better suited to operations in woodland, where an overarm throw may result in the grenade hitting a tree or branch, and bouncing back towards the thrower!’