Definition of overambitious in English:



  • Excessively ambitious.

    ‘he blamed his parents for being overambitious on his behalf’
    ‘an overambitious expansion programme’
    • ‘The Slovakian was overambitious on a number of occasions and might well have been accused of hesitation when an opportunity to settle the issue came his way in the second half.’
    • ‘A year later he was facing electoral defeat, having been overambitious in almost every field.’
    • ‘Both of these now seem somewhat overambitious.’
    • ‘I think I was overambitious in the number of books I brought on vacation.’
    • ‘It could be that your goals are overambitious - perhaps losing a stone by the end of the month is aiming a bit high.’
    • ‘I find some overseas prescriptions sound, some obvious, and some overambitious and pretentious.’
    • ‘Given you believe it's overambitious, does that lend you to think it's going to fail like the others that have failed in the past couple of years?’
    • ‘The event provides a forum for people to vent their frustrations, as long as they do this within a certain language framework, and are not overambitious or militant about their demands.’
    • ‘Latvia's attempts to get the ball forward quickly frequently ended in failure because of overambitious passes.’
    • ‘Substantial weight loss is extremely difficult to achieve, and setting overambitious targets can reduce motivation.’
    • ‘Much of this is due to overambitious expansion plans, according to chief executive Terry Playle.’
    • ‘It wasn't that he tried overambitious passes, because he often didn't manage to make the pass before he got tackled.’
    • ‘That flood of rhetorical questions just goes to demonstrate how overambitious the plot is.’
    • ‘You remember that overambitious roofs have collapsed, and that the superstition about walking under ladders is just common sense.’
    • ‘The strategy is comprehensive but it looks overambitious for the resources allocated to it.’
    • ‘The downside of this was that he was often indiscreet and overambitious.’
    • ‘All Lang's projects were on the grandest scale, too many of them overambitious.’
    • ‘Then there is a baffled son, emotionally involved with an overambitious undertaker.’
    • ‘However, experience suggests that exacerbation of symptoms may result from overambitious or overhasty attempts at exercise.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for France, his scheme was overambitious and his economic analysis riddled with flaws.’
    affected, ostentatious, chichi, showy, flashy, tinselly, conspicuous, flaunty, tasteless, kitschy
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