Definition of overabundance in English:



  • An excessive quantity.

    ‘the country suffers from an overabundance of laws’
    ‘George was not blessed with an overabundance of intellect’
    • ‘'Too much' implies a negative, 'so much' a pleasant overabundance.’
    • ‘Start with the pot, which should be fairly shallow so it won't store an overabundance of moisture.’
    • ‘They target a variety of subjects, including formalism in art, our current obsession with terrorism, and American overabundance.’
    • ‘Instead of faltering dollar liquidity, we see today ample evidence of a continued overabundance.’
    • ‘In an age of information overabundance, we need cultural elites more than ever to stand over and above the cultural morass of mediocrity.’
    • ‘We're also wasting precious natural resources to fuel the American appetite for an overabundance of food.’
    • ‘It's divided into simple categories and the pages aren't stuffed with an overabundance of information.’
    • ‘This situation results from an overabundance of a chemical salt, frequently the result of over-fertilizing.’
    • ‘With perceptions of safety and liquidity enveloping the entire American credit-creating process, credit is issued today in unparalleled overabundance.’
    • ‘I don't recommend trying that yourself unless you have a real overabundance of personal charm.’