Definition of over my dead body in English:

over my dead body


  • Used to emphasize that one completely opposes something.

    ‘she moves into our home over my dead body’
    • ‘‘They'll walk away with the windows over my dead body,’ said a senior source in the company.’
    • ‘‘That will be done over my dead body,’ said Sensenbrenner in an interview.’
    • ‘I tell the House that it is on record that the Prime Minister has said: ‘That road will go through my electorate over my dead body.’’
    • ‘I can guarantee you one thing, anybody I know who wants to spend money at Fineline motorcycles is going to have to do so over my dead body.’
    • ‘That bastard will have to go over my dead body to ask for my Jenny's paw.’
    • ‘As one business leader said to me last week: ‘He will do this over my dead body.’’
    • ‘If you want me to have an examination done, it'll be over my dead body.’
    • ‘And unless they change that character's name and are willing to protect my father's reputation, I will not allow this movie to be made - over my dead body.’
    • ‘For his part, the Fulham manager, Chris Coleman, insisted his prized striker was going nowhere and said: ‘He'll be sold over my dead body.’’
    • ‘At some point during his long, intolerant career, he must have said, ‘They'll legalize homosexuality over my dead body.’’