Definition of over-serious in English:



  • Excessively serious in character or mood:

    ‘he struck some as solemn, aloof, and over-serious’
    • ‘There's something about this rather sombre and over-serious atmosphere that makes a part of me want to ask the most stupid and ridiculous or even offensive questions possible.’
    • ‘What really impressed me was that they weren't being over-serious, pretentious, or intellectual about what they were doing.’
    • ‘As a boy who was overserious, solitary, weak and tempramental, there also seemed something rather uncomfortably personal about all of this.’
    • ‘Both men were prone to being over-serious about life, and Anne Darcy had always managed to somehow find a way past that seriousness.’
    • ‘I quickly grew tired of these over-serious young men with dubious coloured hair.’
    • ‘Their cheery approach in an occasionally over-serious scene won a handful of admirers - but a regular place at the top of the charts was never an option.’
    • ‘Twenty years old and the head of the family since their parents died, Darry is overworked and overserious.’
    • ‘He comes across as rather overserious and pretentious in a short Sundance Channel featurette on his trip to London to promote the film.’
    • ‘I think I'm the one who keeps veering into over-serious territory.’
    • ‘In his writing, though, he was seized by a very English terror of being over-serious.’
    • ‘Bookish, arrogant, prickly, and often willing to take offence when none was intended, he struck some of his contemporaries as solemn, aloof, and over-serious.’
    • ‘He's doubtless a serious, possibly over-serious, fellow, but like many before him he judges the merits of his own words by the number of faces that turn his way when he speaks.’
    tedious, difficult, dull, dry, serious, over-serious, heavy-going, dreary, boring, turgid, uninteresting, wearisome, dry as dust
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