Definition of over-sentimental in English:



  • Excessively emotional or nostalgic, especially in a superficial or self-indulgent way.

    ‘being a kids' film, it is over-sentimental in parts’
    ‘an over-sentimental rewriting of history’
    • ‘By rights, I shouldn't like this over-sentimental, middle-of-the-road tosh.’
    • ‘Other times, the lyrics border on trite, over-sentimental garbage, merely word sounds that make his voice seem to be just another instrument.’
    • ‘Bits that I thought were cringe-inducingly over-sentimental at the cinema, I now felt touch me.’
    • ‘The inevitable over-sentimental conclusion even led to several members of the audience walking out before the credits rolled.’
    • ‘True, many were arch, whilst others were coy and over-sentimental.’
    • ‘She blows her nose as the credits roll, glad that no-one was there to witness her little over-sentimental weep.’
    • ‘His works may appear over-sentimental, and unsurprisingly he has aroused controversy in the art world.’
    • ‘Rudge's was a gentle wit, never over-sentimental, and he had the rare ability to appeal to children.’
    • ‘It's a soft and over-sentimental song about isolation and loneliness.’
    • ‘The unhappy result was that one was left uncertain as to whether Bell was over-sentimental, or the orchestra was not sentimental enough.’