Definition of over-optimistic in English:



  • Unjustifiably optimistic.

    ‘I feel she is being rather over-optimistic’
    • ‘Many social workers are often over-optimistic, and perhaps they sometimes allow that process of rehabilitation to take longer than it should.’
    • ‘I had hoped I might develop a taste for it, but clearly I've been over-optimistic.’
    • ‘However, hopes of peace breaking out could prove over-optimistic.’
    • ‘It seems my ever over-optimistic supervisor thinks it is time I published a review paper on sludge dewatering for a peer reviewed journal.’
    • ‘But in the York and Thirsk area, surveyors say purchasers are starting to negotiate over price and vendors are no longer getting away with over-optimistic pricing.’
    • ‘It is clear he cannot rely any more on the over-optimistic predictions of the people who work for him.’
    • ‘In the City, there was concern that the Chancellor's economic forecasts were still over-optimistic, with some analysts warning that he could be forced to raise taxes again.’
    • ‘Well, today just has to be one of those object lessons in life - get over-optimistic, and things will definitely not turn out the way you hope.’
    • ‘The admission that they had been over-optimistic in their estimates knocked the share prices of insurance companies across the globe.’
    • ‘Thanks to over-optimistic buy-to-let purchasing, what was a £700-a-month flat in Glasgow's centre can now be let for £595.’
    • ‘He surrounded himself with a collection of young, inexperienced, and sycophantic staff officers, and often accepted their over-optimistic reports rather than the more realistic ones submitted by his chief of staff.’
    • ‘Is it simply a speculative promotional ‘guess’ based on over-optimistic wishful thinking?’
    • ‘The optimistic vision was presented at a council meeting last week, but some of its 43 measures were met with scepticism and labelled as over-optimistic.’
    • ‘A ten-minute bus ride, twenty minutes wandering round, several mobile phone calls, and an aborted cab journey later, I conceded I'd been over-optimistic.’
    • ‘Film-makers have been experimenting with 3 - D since 1903 and there has been a succession of over-optimistic claims that it is about to become a mainstream technology.’
    • ‘We predicted last quarter that the region's retailers may well issue further warnings in 2004 with some companies' over-optimistic expectations of the Christmas season coming home to roost.’
    • ‘Frankly, I hope that he desists from knocking on my door at seven in the morning with some trivial problem, but I am not over-optimistic.’
    • ‘But target visitor numbers of at least 120 visitors a day proved vastly over-optimistic - only 62 people turned up in its opening week.’
    • ‘Up at Speaker's Corner the audience numbered only six, so there was no need for one over-optimistic orator to have brought a stepladder along with him.’
    • ‘Hopes that property developers and community groups can work together in revamping rundown inner city areas are often over-optimistic, according to research published today.’
    unrealistic, naive, foolish, foolishly optimistic, deluded, delusory, absurd, empty, vain
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