Definition of over-modest in English:



  • Excessively modest, particularly in the estimation of one's abilities or achievements.

    ‘he was aware of his lack of charisma and over-modest about his abilities’
    • ‘Daffyd was his usual over modest self when we rang up to congratulate him.’
    • ‘He does not make waves, but is, if anything, over-modest.’
    • ‘An overmodest and retiring applicant does not stand much of a chance.’
    • ‘He laughs, aware perhaps that, as with his baking, he's being over-modest.’
    • ‘I'm not being over modest when I say that we will be pleased if we can manage to keep up with the rest of the class without too much stress.’
    • ‘A round of applause for this microcomputer—which has just passed the 5 million sales mark, some three years after it was first launched with the over-modest goal of selling "a few thousand".’
    • ‘I like his openness to the idea that his way isn't the only way. If anything, he is overmodest.’
    • ‘The level of detail and casually assured knowledge evident in this book would tend to suggest that he's being over-modest.’
    • ‘"I'm very ill-read. I know that sounds overmodest but it's quite true," he said.’
    • ‘He acknowledges that they do have some influence—although here he is perhaps a bit overmodest.’