Definition of over-fastidious in English:



  • Excessively concerned about accuracy and detail.

    ‘his manner gives the impression of an over-fastidious gentleman’
    • ‘Her translations of the new essays read well, though there are some odd anachronisms like 'trendy' and 'dumbed down' and (to my taste) a slightly over-fastidious application of commas.’
    • ‘She was not an over-fastidious girl by any means, she didn't mind getting dirty if that was what the job demanded.’
    • ‘Flashman's father is a man-about-town, one of those who hang on to the skirts of fashionable society which, in the Regency days of his prime, was not over-fastidious.’
    • ‘Single-issue campaigning always brings strange alliances and it's silly to be over-fastidious.’
    • ‘A concern, perhaps over-fastidious, with the niceties of procedure and style was combined with a wide-ranging ability and insistence on upholding Britain's obligations to the colonial peoples.’
    fussy, finicky, over-particular, faddish, difficult to please, hard to please, dainty, exacting, demanding
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