Definition of over-exercise in English:



[no object]
  • Take too much exercise.

    ‘such large dogs do not injure themselves through over-exercising’
    • ‘The bottom line is that over-exercising - just like under-exercising - is harmful to your health.’
    • ‘Profuse sweating, exhaustion and pain indicate you are over-exercising.’
    • ‘To make things worse, like most people, I continued to over-exercise and under-eat in hopes that my program would start working again.’
    • ‘If too much insulin is administered, or the person misses a meal or over-exercises, hypoglycaemia may result.’
    • ‘They may over-exercise, believing that if a little exercise is good, then a lot of exercise is better.’
    • ‘Warm up before any reasonably strenuous activity and don't push your body too far by over-exercising.’
    • ‘This is contrasted heavily with a diet which involves counting calories, scale-weighing and over-exercising: that usually ends in the person giving up and going back to old habits.’
    • ‘Occasionally osteoporosis occurs in younger women if the hormone balance is upset through over-exercising or over-dieting, to the point where menstruation stops.’