Definition of over-bright in English:



  • Excessively bright.

    ‘over-bright chandeliers glared down on stark furniture’
    • ‘Afterwards, we recovered with tisane at Cafe de Flore, now overpriced, over-bright and catering for a bourgeois clientele, somewhat different from 70 years ago or so.’
    • ‘I knew I wanted the hospital to be over-bright, ugly white light - here's a man who's ashamed of his skin and ashamed of who he is and who does not want to be seen.’
    • ‘If the sun is behind your subject, turn on the camera's flash to avoid creating an over-dark subject and an overbright background.’
    • ‘The manager came out preceded by his over-bright smile.’
    • ‘I ventured solo toward the lodge for a brief ride through a nice eight inches of powder away from the over-bright halogens into the darkened trees.’
    • ‘His eyes are overbright as he follows the trailing line of a willow, but he sits leaning against the pillows, shaking slightly.’
    • ‘The image is grainy and overbright, and certain things show up a little too much.’
    • ‘The tunnel walls are very dark because of the over-bright sun.’
    • ‘Overbright security lighting creates "glare", which makes it more difficult to see intruders.’
    • ‘White linens and glowy sepia tones are contradicted only by a huge, overbright mural of a steep Italian coast.’
    • ‘Light from poorly shielded and over-bright lighting fixtures in our own cities and towns is brightening the sky to such an extent that many people can no longer see much of the night-time sky at all.’
    • ‘John cowered in the corner of the Golden Goose waiting room, keeping the potted palm between him and the overbright entrance.’
    • ‘Graham was installing under-cupboard halogens to replace the over-bright fluorescent tube we inherited from the previous owners.’
    garish, lurid, loud, glaring, harsh, violent, flashy, showy, glittering, brassy, ostentatious
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