Definition of ovariectomy in English:


nounPlural ovariectomies

mass noun
  • Surgical removal of one or both ovaries; oophorectomy.

    • ‘Thus in the course of the nineteenth century ovariectomies were performed as therapy for pathologies such as ‘hysteria’.’
    • ‘Unilateral ovariectomy in rabbits doubles the ovulation rate in the remaining ovary and the adjacent uterine horn is crowded with embryos.’
    • ‘Extracts also have been shown to be useful for younger women suffering hormonal deficits following ovariectomy or hysterectomy, as well as for juvenile menstrual disorders.’
    • ‘Results showed that ovariectomy caused atrophy of the uterus that was prevented by 17 [beta] estradiol, but not soybean protein.’
    • ‘Here we report the influence of ovariectomy on adrcnocortical cell function from S. virgatus.’
    • ‘Bilateral mastectomies or ovariectomy are recommended preventative measures, neither of which is a complete barrier to cancer development.’
    • ‘In a study of guinea pigs, oral administration of diiodotyrosine prevented alterations in thyroid and pituitary function induced by ovariectomy.’
    • ‘Because ovariectomy in rats results in significant decrease of BMD and cancellous bone remodeling, it has been used as a model for estrogen-deficient, post-menopausal bone loss.’
    • ‘Further, a decrease in the estrogen levels after ovariectomy would increase pituitary gonadotropin secretion and would stimulate the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone and prolactin.’