Definition of outstrip in English:



[with object]
  • 1Move faster than and overtake (someone else)

    ‘during the morning warm-up, he once again outstripped the field’
    • ‘Even 10 years ago girls were outstripping boys when it came to winning a university place.’
    • ‘Women are beginning to outstrip men as a percentage of total employees.’
    • ‘We are healthier and living longer but the rest of Europe has outstripped us.’
    • ‘There's a sense in which we ought not outstrip him.’
    • ‘But as we know, the pupil has now far outstripped the master.’
    • ‘To be clear, women, regardless of race, are outstripping men in college enrollment and graduation.’
    • ‘Other countries have outstripped us, but why have we suddenly become so bad?’
    • ‘The young student starts to outstrip the old master.’
    • ‘He had his father's dark wavy hair and dark eyes, but was built slender and tall, already outstripping me by at least a foot.’
    • ‘The reason for that is that traders, particularly those in the dairy industry, are often outstripping or moving well ahead of the bureaucrats.’
    • ‘In her 80s Halprin continues to work at a pace that would outstrip dancers half her age.’
    go faster than, outrun, outdistance, outpace, leave behind, get ahead of, get further ahead of, gain on, draw away from, overtake, pass, shake off, throw off, lose, put distance between oneself and someone else, widen the gap between oneself and someone else
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    1. 1.1 Exceed.
      ‘supply far outstripped demand’
      • ‘However, the same report says that labor costs are up sharply, far outstripping the gains in efficiency.’
      • ‘With sales price gains on high-end flats outstripping rents, investors may be tempted to sell property before prices fall further and redeploy their capital elsewhere.’
      • ‘The country's fast growth is rapidly outstripping natural resources such as oil, natural gas, iron and copper.’
      • ‘They are in huge demand at Heathrow, where demand for access to the airport greatly outstrips capacity.’
      • ‘At some point, internal productivity gains outstrip market growth, creating excess capacity.’
      • ‘The plan reports that the demand for affordable housing continues to grow as house prices outstrip many people's incomes.’
      • ‘In some parts of the capital, house price inflation is nearly 25% and demand far outstrips supply.’
      • ‘The ambitions driving the AU concept far outstrip the material resources available to make the vision work.’
      • ‘Mr Robinson said: ‘The demand for methadone greatly outstrips supply.’’
      • ‘But the demand far outstrips their ability to supply housing.’
      • ‘In the first month, Magna outstripped its own visitor expectations when 100,000 people - a third of its annual forecast - passed through the doors.’
      • ‘And that's a time frame that easily outstrips most investors' patience.’
      • ‘We won't finance a boat unless it has a mooring, and demand for moorings far outstrips supply.’
      • ‘On a day-to-day basis, it regulates the number of stem cells and their progeny so that the number of cells born never outstrips the number lost.’
      • ‘Since demand outstrips supply, the problem has become chronic.’
      • ‘If property prices were included in the reckoning, London would easily outstrip the rest of Britain.’
      • ‘As a result, the country's main line railroads are running flat out and still demand outstrips available capacity.’
      • ‘Innovations, while important, are globally available, and America's productivity gains have outstripped those of other countries.’
      • ‘The high cost is a natural economic consequence of a demand that far outstrips the supply.’
      • ‘Money made from local groups hiring the hall comes in at £10,000 per year but this figure is outstripped by the £60,000 it costs to maintain the building.’
      surpass, exceed, be more than, go beyond, better, beat, top, overshadow, eclipse, put to shame
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