Definition of outstation movement in English:

outstation movement


the outstation movement
  • A campaign among Aboriginal people to move out of mission stations, government reserves, towns, etc., and establish autonomous communities in remote areas, especially on traditional tribal lands.

    ‘the outstation movement recognized that existing Aboriginal communities were highly artificial creations’
    • ‘The outstation movement is quite successful: dozens of outstations have been created in the Hermannsburg area in recent years.’
    • ‘Ongoing funding of the outstation movement was mostly abandoned some 8 or 9 years ago.’
    • ‘A lot of the communities themselves were the ones who started the outstation movements.’
    • ‘The outstation movement was a good faith attempt to redress this appalling situation.’
    • ‘The scope of the initial Western Arrernte outstation movement has contracted beyond recognition.’
    • ‘He was caused to rethink and expand his conception of indigenous entitlement by initiatives such as the outstation movement and the Tent Embassy.’