Definition of outstation in English:



  • 1A branch of an organization situated at some distance from its headquarters.

    ‘information is passed between the Grid Control Centre and the outstations’
    • ‘There was no real reason to make costly improvements to these outstations.’
    • ‘Skateraw could become an outstation of the National Galleries, both as the repository of the archive and as home to new temporary shows and possibly to a sculpture park.’
    • ‘We began on August 1, 2000 with 66 children at one of our outstations.’
    • ‘Other register offices register births in hospitals and perhaps have outstations in other public buildings, but we were the first to go into a supermarket.’
    • ‘Having completed two free coaching clinics, the SLTA plans many more of these clinics in the outstations.’
    • ‘We're just summer sailors who've discovered a nice spot, so we establish an outstation for the club.’
    • ‘These men suffered tremendous hardship and sacrifice to help open up this country and provide supplies to the distant outstations.’
    • ‘My advice is to go out and buy a dictionary of art terms and then visit the fair, its outstations and a few commercial galleries.’
    1. 1.1Indian as modifier Working in a place where one does not live.
      ‘an outstation journalist’
      • ‘It is a massive exercise in logistics to play host to several dozen outstation teams, arrange suitable accommodation, supply all the meals on time, and arrange transportation too.’
      • ‘For many women who are associated with NGOs working on public health issues, attending outstation training programs made things more difficult.’
      • ‘Mr. Chandy says that the gates have to be shut on time since the groups (including outstation participants, colleges and schools) themselves come with over 40 persons.’
      • ‘There will be accommodation and lunch for outstation students.’
      • ‘For the student organisers of the show, planning and scheduling the various events, looking after the guests and arranging a pleasant stay for the outstation participants were useful exercises in logistics and hospitality.’
    2. 1.2NZ, Australian A part of a farming estate that is separate from the main estate.
      • ‘This former farming outstation at Koonya, near Port Arthur, housed convicts in the 1850s, and has its own museum and restored buildings.’
    3. 1.3Australian An autonomous Aboriginal community situated at some distance from a centre on which it depends.
      • ‘She first encountered the phenomenon when one of her colleagues from the Top End related the story of a man who was evacuated from an outstation with a deteriorating medical condition.’
      • ‘The Australian Electoral Commission goes to extraordinary lengths to provide voting facilities in outstations.’
      • ‘This means that the community provides the most necessary services for the outstations around it.’
      • ‘Dr Bill Griffiths is director of the Northern Territory Catholic Education Office, which has schools in five major Indigenous communities and two outstations.’
      • ‘It served more than 40 outstations and communities.’