Definition of outspread in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaʊtsprɛd//aʊtˈsprɛd/


Pronunciation /ˈaʊtsprɛd//aʊtˈsprɛd/
  • Fully extended or expanded.

    ‘outspread hands’
    • ‘When hunting, they crawl on their outspread pectoral fins and sift through the sand.’
    • ‘Just at that moment a bird passed overhead and dropped something in his outspread hands.’
    • ‘The silver chain spilled through my outspread fingers as I moved it over and over again in my hands.’
    • ‘He stared back just as incredulously, dropping his outspread arms to his sides.’
    • ‘The old man then looked down, through teary eyes, at the outspread palms of his hands as though they held the source of ultimate evil within their grasp.’
    • ‘There are teddy bears with a friendly demeanour, puppies with endearing looks, comical elephants with outspread ears, energetic monkeys with a cheerful grin, and cherubic children with innocent smiles on their charming faces.’
    • ‘The statue, with outspread wings and hands raised benevolently, was on a trough where horses drank before pulling their heavy loads up the hill.’
    • ‘Colin sat next to her and she propped her feet on his outspread legs.’
    • ‘He stood tall with outspread shoulders and a mildly muscular figure.’
    • ‘Petticoat tails are Scottish shortbread biscuits, baked in a round, with a characteristic shape resembling that of an outspread bell-hoop crinoline petticoat.’
    • ‘They were green tinted with yellow, the color of light shining on the outspread leaves of a forest canopy.’
    • ‘He put his outspread hand over his chest and I found myself rolling my eyes once again.’
    • ‘It is held in an upright position by its anchorage of outspread spines.’
    • ‘All of them, including people, are carved in the same beautiful but grotesque style, with beaks, staring eyes, outspread wings and gaping jaws.’
    • ‘They lapped against the outspread hands of a solitary girl, whose dusky hair rose and fell with the water.’
    fully extended, outstretched, stretched out, spread out, fanned out, splayed out, expanded, unfolded, unfurled, open, open wide, wide open, opened out
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[with object]
Pronunciation /aʊtˈsprɛd/
  • Spread out.

    ‘that eagle outspreading his wings for flight’
    • ‘Arlan put on a look of innocence as he outspread his arms.’
    • ‘Taking another deep drag, she settled herself on the couch again, outspreading her long tanned legs before her.’