Definition of outspend in English:



[with object]
  • Spend more than (someone else)

    ‘Democrats will outspend Republicans from now to the elections’
    • ‘Sony, for example, far outspends Samsung on traditional advertising in the U.S. on electronics products.’
    • ‘Rather, she was severely outspent by Abraham and did not have enough money to respond to every attack ad.’
    • ‘For the first time, Democrats outspent Republicans by 20 per cent.’
    • ‘About 95 per cent of winning candidates outspent their competitors.’
    • ‘It far outspent its rivals on weapons and used them more often.’
    • ‘In 1998, he ran against another unknown and outspent him 14-1.’
    • ‘At the retail level we see no benefit in getting into a vicious circle where every player tries to gain share by outspending us on acquisition costs.’
    • ‘Even when prescription costs are subtracted from total purchases, prescription buyers outspend the norm.’
    • ‘‘We reckon we've been massively outspent,’ he said.’
    • ‘Friedman had outspent him by a factor of almost 5 to 1.’
    • ‘The Hellenic republic has outspent itself to safeguard the Games.’
    • ‘They've dramatically outspent us with incessant fear-mongering.’
    • ‘Despite lavishing millions of dollars on his campaigns and outspending his opponents, his political ambitions have met with little success.’
    • ‘I have worked on multiple campaigns where we were grossly outspent, yet we were able to establish a superior Web presence.’
    • ‘He'll probably outspend him here in New Hampshire.’
    • ‘Rivera hugely outspent the opponents of subsidies.’
    • ‘It sounds like we were outspent in Washington, too.’
    • ‘Because of extraordinary generosity from right-wing foundations, it is estimated that conservative think tanks outspend their liberal and progressive counterparts by a five-to-one margin.’
    • ‘But if the Yes side has heavily outspent the No forces, they cannot be sure of victory.’
    • ‘We were outspent but because of you we were never out-worked.’