Definition of outsider art in English:

outsider art


mass noun
  • Art produced by untrained artists, for example children or mentally ill people.

    • ‘Recently, his work has been key to several important group shows of outsider art, and this traveling exhibition of 46 pieces underscores the artist's relevance to today's mainstream art trends.’
    • ‘Although it is not possible to describe a ‘style’ of outsider art, there are, particularly among the paintings and drawings of psychiatric patients, certain formal similarities.’
    • ‘References to children's art, outsider art and art brut are inevitable when discussing Jones's work.’
    • ‘In the United States, the popular, commercial, and critical interest in folk art and outsider art that has exploded in recent decades is very evident in places like Texas, especially in Houston and Dallas.’
    • ‘What is your assessment of the field of folk and outsider art at present?’
    • ‘The organizers will regroup and alter the fair's focus to include, in addition to contemporary art, outsider art and crafts.’
    • ‘Galleries featuring everything from outsider art to major works by heavyweights such as Warhol, Rauschenberg and Basquiat are popping up all over town.’
    • ‘Matt Lamb's situation has been both helped and hindered by this history and its influence on both critical and popular understandings of self-taught artists and outsider art.’
    • ‘While their work may be considered outsider art by some, the number of these artists' admirers - who include both beginning and experienced collectors - is growing.’
    • ‘In order to convey his inner vision, he adopted unorthodox materials and invented novel techniques to a degree that is unique in outsider art.’
    • ‘As with other outsider art, critical assessment of them seems irrelevant, given their oddity and the privacy of their creation.’
    • ‘The argument goes that outsider art or Art Brut is strictly un-tutored and exists outside of the normal concept of art.’
    • ‘Some have categorized Zelda's work as outsider art simply because the artist was mentally ill.’
    • ‘Its weathered Main Street storefront location houses three gallery spaces that typically feature both a local or regional artist and a group show, many of which fall into the realm of outsider art.’
    • ‘For the officials of a museum specializing in outsider art, the first descent into the house's basement was an exhilarating experience akin to Howard Carter's first peek inside King Tut's tomb.’
    • ‘Eleven public galleries with an interest in outsider art in Britain, France, Switzerland and America bought or showed him.’
    • ‘In addition, there have been two presentations of Russian outsider art this year.’
    • ‘The mainly self-taught, imaginative and committed artists working on the margins of the art scene, whose work is called art brut, outsider art or folk art, have a new champion.’
    • ‘He was a humble craftsman who played a role in the history of outsider art in South Africa, and should be remembered.’
    • ‘The relationship with outsider art persists, however, because of the obsessiveness of his work and its disregard for the canons of Western figuration.’