Definition of outside of in English:

outside of


North American
  • 1Beyond the boundaries of.

    ‘a village 20 miles outside of New York’
    • ‘The site is in the Green Belt, and outside of any defined development boundary.’
    1. 1.1 Apart from.
      ‘outside of an unfortunate sermon, he never put a foot wrong’
      • ‘Stop thinking the day is about anything outside of religion besides having a good time.’
      • ‘He accepts that, outside of a handful of top flight clubs, few will have his take-home pay.’
      • ‘It dawned on me that we hadn't actually sat opposite each other outside of a scene from the play before then.’
      • ‘This means that members of the public will have to use the park's public toilets outside of these hours.’
      excluding, not including, excepting, omitting, leaving out, not counting, but, besides, barring, bar, other than, exclusive of, saving, save, apart from, aside from
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