Definition of outside of in English:

outside of


North American
  • 1Beyond the boundaries of.

    ‘a village 20 miles outside of New York’
    • ‘The site is in the Green Belt, and outside of any defined development boundary.’
    1. 1.1 Apart from.
      ‘outside of an unfortunate sermon, he never put a foot wrong’
      • ‘He accepts that, outside of a handful of top flight clubs, few will have his take-home pay.’
      • ‘It dawned on me that we hadn't actually sat opposite each other outside of a scene from the play before then.’
      • ‘This means that members of the public will have to use the park's public toilets outside of these hours.’
      • ‘Stop thinking the day is about anything outside of religion besides having a good time.’
      excluding, not including, excepting, omitting, leaving out, not counting, but, besides, barring, bar, other than, exclusive of, saving, save, apart from, aside from
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