Definition of outside left in English:

outside left


  • An attacking player in soccer or field hockey whose position is on the left of the field.

    ‘he was one of the greatest outside lefts this country has ever seen’
    • ‘At the end of 1929 Chapman persuaded Bastin that he was really an outside left.’
    • ‘It was exactly a year ago that he explained that he "would not play outside-left again".’
    • ‘The outside left was at Tynecastle for four years from 1969 before joining Celtic for £30,000.’
    • ‘He slips it to Vieri in the outside left, but his swirling shot clears the bar.’
    • ‘Back then, after a cup of tea and a sandwich, the team's outside left caught the tube home to his auntie's, stayed in, and watched television.’
    • ‘By then he had played for the club in every position with the exception of outside left, including goalkeeper.’
    • ‘The outside left was signed from Derby County as a candidate to replace the legendary Welsh wide man Ted Vizard.’
    • ‘You get three in one with him—left back, left midfield, and outside left.’
    • ‘The team was forced to shuffle their side when he was injured in the 18th minute and was forced to play at outside left.’
    • ‘He would have been well advised to move on from the improvisation of the World Cup and to start using players in their best positions—Duff at outside left as the most obvious example.’