Definition of outside interest in English:

outside interest


  • An interest not connected with one's work or studies.

    ‘knowledge of students' outside interests may help you to know them more quickly’
    • ‘These things are quite often the result of the hyper-tension when two people live in close proximity, in claustrophobic conditions, unable to pursue their outside interests.’
    • ‘I asked that the staff's numerous outside interests and freelance work be curtailed while we concentrated on the paper.’
    • ‘This caused friction because I felt that he was supporting my outside interests, but really wasn't interested in my true passions.’
    • ‘In addition to her busy family life and many outside interests, Kathy was an experienced card player - not surprisingly she enjoyed a wide circle of friends in this sphere of her social life.’
    • ‘In Glasgow we think it's fun, too, but we try to have a few outside interests as well.’
    • ‘It was also possible to develop outside interests and the extra money always came in handy for a student on a tight budget.’
    • ‘I've always enjoyed having an outside interest and I love the work I do with Lifeline.’
    • ‘They may not be able to imagine life without the responsibilities of managing the family firm because their working lives have revolved entirely around their firms, leaving little time to develop outside interests.’
    • ‘Although her father was a lawyer, he worked in the civil service, and her mother was a permanently busy housewife with many outside interests.’
    • ‘It's unhealthy for a relationship when one person sacrifices her outside interests or commitments to focus wholly on the other person.’
    • ‘Sport gives them an outside interest where they can make lifelong friendships whilst improving their chances of a healthy life.’
    • ‘The metal and woodworking workshop will give the students an outside interest and improve their general skills.’
    • ‘I think it helps your football career if you have outside interests because it gets your mind off the game.’
    • ‘Apart from all my outside interests, I am very much a family woman and like nothing better than to spend time with my three grandchildren.’
    • ‘Not long ago, new members started to arrive; a gang of men who shared the original members' love of cars, but whose outside interests were far more sinister.’
    • ‘Perhaps making an effort to link course work to students' outside interests such as work or community groups could be a way to inspire effort and allow the student to reap multiple rewards.’
    • ‘Mr Gantley, who has led the company from strength to strength, said that his decision was based on his desire to pursue outside interests.’
    • ‘He appeared jealous of popular sportsman Luke, who had a happy family background and numerous outside interests.’
    • ‘There is room for professional politicians in a democracy but among them there should be a good mix of people with outside interests.’
    • ‘In an ideal world they'd make sure that he had enough time to socialise, do outside interests, etc., but that's not the sort of thing that can be guaranteed, unfortunately.’