Definition of outside director in English:

outside director


  • A director of a company who is not employed by that company, typically an employee of an associated company.

    • ‘I have been able to draw from my time as a CEO and as an outside director of 20 companies as well as from my experience teaching corporate governance and leadership courses at Columbia Business School.’
    • ‘In fact, five years ago, only 1 percent of outside directors nationwide had financial management or CFO experience, according to the Spencer Stuart survey.’
    • ‘Today, the income an outside director receives is a significant factor in deciding which board offers he or she chooses to accept.’
    • ‘No outside director is CEO of a company of comparable size.’
    • ‘Fortune sends surveys to executives and outside directors asking them to rank companies in their own industries on eight criteria.’
    • ‘One outside director, usually the chairman of the corporate governance committee, if there is one, needs to consolidate the responses and lead the ensuing discussion.’
    • ‘We have written evaluations of board effectiveness on an annual basis, and twice each year our outside directors meet without management present.’
    • ‘Its audit committee is made up of outside directors.’
    • ‘To keep your board current, vigorous, and up-to-date, you'll probably need to elect some new outside directors who do not yet have the full measure of experience that you would like them to have.’
    • ‘Beijing also installed at the bank four outside directors who run the all-important audit committee.’
    • ‘We believe that in designing a company policy to make outside directors owners, four main considerations should come to mind.’
    • ‘It would make clear the effect of crony relationships between management, outside directors, and institutional shareholders.’
    • ‘It is noted that it was not until 1993 that a majority of the directors were outside directors.’
    • ‘Analogous survey scales were included in a second questionnaire sent to all outside directors at firms whose CEOs had responded to the initial survey.’
    • ‘We can speculate, though, about why a high percentage of outside directors increased, rather than decreased, acquisition likelihood.’
    • ‘This was the happy outcome of a trend set in motion by the SEC in 1972, when it called for the establishment of audit committees made up of outside directors at all public companies.’
    • ‘Under the plan, the NYSE will also have a chief regulatory officer who reports to outside directors, not management, and an independent board.’
    • ‘On April 5, Cendant announced the resignation of two employed directors and the appointment of two outside directors.’
    • ‘Worker representatives often know more about a company's problems than outside directors, but union leaders who also sit on the boards of German companies systematically delay restructuring.’
    • ‘Since 1982, Fortune has annually asked executives, outside directors, and business analysts to rate the 10 largest companies in their own industries.’