Definition of outshoot in English:



[with object]
  • 1Shoot better than (someone else).

    • ‘Eastern target shooters also outshot men from the west.’
    • ‘For a Smith duty auto to outshoot a Smith target revolver is almost unheard of.’
    • ‘As I often experience today, the factory ammunition outshot my standard handload.’
    • ‘Now he regrets it because I can outshoot him at targets.’
    • ‘But was it her fault that she could outride, outfight, outshoot, outfly, outeverything him?’
    • ‘More than likely, at least one brand or load will clearly outshoot the others.’
    • ‘It doesn't always outshoot the higher priced stuff, but it does so often enough to warrant your consideration.’
    • ‘When I was a younger man, I believed what I read in the gun magazines and presumed that an auto would always easily outshoot a revolver when things went to warp speed.’
    1. 1.1 Score more goals or points or make more shots than (another player or team).
      • ‘We went into overtime and they outshot us 13-1, but the one goal we got was the winning goal.’
      • ‘The Scots dominated the game, outshooting their opponents 35 to 0.’
      • ‘They outshot us one night 50-20 and were skating circles around us.’
      • ‘Despite outshooting the Japanese 41-32, the host country won by a 4-1 margin.’
      • ‘The Warriors lost a battle despite outshooting and mostly outplaying their opponents.’