Definition of outscore in English:



[with object]
  • Score more than (an opponent) in a game.

    ‘the Redskins had been outscored by the Cowboys’
    • ‘Even though it split its first four games, Philly had outscored its opponents 104-62.’
    • ‘Right now, it sure looks like Oakland is going to have to outscore opponents to win games this year.’
    • ‘Cleveland has a lot of defensive problems and needs the offense to be on the same page to outscore opponents.’
    • ‘The Wizards' interior defense has been awful, but they've been able to outscore opponents.’
    • ‘At home, they've won four in a row and have outscored opponents by an average score of 39-17.’
    • ‘The object of the game is to outscore your opponent.’
    • ‘They swept seven games, outscoring opponents 40-9 and beating the United States for the gold.’
    • ‘The days when the team depended upon simply outscoring its opponents are long gone under coach Scott Skiles.’
    • ‘The Vikings are the best in the NFL in point differential, outscoring opponents 151-84 this season.’
    • ‘Those 2001 Rams outscored their opponents by 230 points and ranked first in offense and third in defense.’
    • ‘The Oakland Raiders started the season as the class of the league, winning their first four games and outscoring their opponents 162-90 in the process.’
    • ‘The goal is to outscore the opponent, and the Cardinals' offense either provides the lead or the threat of a comeback at any moment.’
    • ‘The Celtics had failed to outscore their opponent in the each of their last eight quarters played entering last weekend.’
    • ‘Furthermore, coach John Fox's team outscored its opponents by a total of only 21 points.’
    • ‘The inability to outscore opponents is the kind of problem that dooms individuals, teams and species to utter failure.’
    • ‘During the streak, the offense surged to an eye-popping 3.92 goals per game, outscoring opponents 47-20.’
    • ‘Before that, the Chargers outscored their opponents 47-3 in the first quarter.’
    • ‘Because of their shoddy defense, the Colts have had to rely on outscoring opponents to win games, especially indoors.’
    • ‘The Steelers have not allowed a touchdown in four games, outscoring opponents by a combined 66-9.’
    • ‘With a dominant ground game and a stingy defense, the Dolphins are outscoring their opponents by the largest margin of any team in the league other than the Chargers, who are tied with the Dolphins.’