Definition of outsail in English:



[with object]
  • Sail better or faster than (a competitor)

    ‘they will vie with several other contenders for the honour of outsailing the holders’
    • ‘Having proven herself as a fast and seaworthy vessel, Fame was able to outsail and capture vessels many times her size.’
    • ‘The captain assured her that the ship was good and sturdy and could outsail any storm they ran across, the Bluedrown Sea constantly being relatively peaceful.’
    • ‘In brief, Effingham and Drake outsailed and outgunned their opponents.’
    • ‘But you can tell he is relishing the idea of beating the odds once again, of working his magic to outsail the most determined big-money assault the Cup has ever seen.’
    • ‘The United States held it for many years, but seems to have lost its touch and last year Switzerland outsailed New Zealand in the finals to be the current holder.’
    • ‘He really felt, right now as he looked at her, that he'd outsailed her and needed another challenge, and anyway, lately he'd been wanting to do more cruising.’