Definition of outrush in English:



  • A rushing out of something; a violent outflow.

    ‘he saw an outrush of water as the tide went out’


[with object]American Football
  • Carry the ball further forward than (another player or team); surpass in rushing.

    ‘Williams might outrush Okoeye’
    • ‘Still, they were unable to do so, as the Jets outrushed the Texans 210-83, and they held onto the football for almost ten minutes more than the Texans.’
    • ‘This year, with a national championship bid at stake, the Vols outrushed the Gators 242-36.’
    • ‘But he outrushed them all, topping their combined yardage by more than 400 and becoming Pittsburgh's first 1,000-yard rusher since Bettis in 2001.’