Definition of outrider in English:



  • 1A person in a motor vehicle or on horseback who goes in front of or beside a vehicle as an escort or guard.

    • ‘As the cortège, pictured here, appeared, slowly progressing towards the church escorted by two police motorcycle outriders, the Marines sloped arms.’
    • ‘The vehicles were forced back on to the motorway, where they were surrounded by police vans and motorcycle outriders on the way back to London.’
    • ‘More than 200 people gathered outside his home on the outskirts of Bolton as a steam-powered cavalcade flanked by police motorcycle outriders escorted him on his final journey.’
    • ‘Flanked by police motorcycle outriders, it will be followed by a newly-restored steam engine towing a Victorian trailer carrying Fred's coffin.’
    • ‘By the time he arrived, he was accompanied by six motorcycle outriders and a posse of huge security guards.’
    • ‘The outriders pulled in front of the trucks and made them stop.’
    • ‘On visits to Russia, the prince travels with police outriders and is protected by members of its secret service.’
    • ‘It arrived seconds later, escorted by motorcycle outriders, and pulled up to a gentle halt.’
    • ‘The traffic is stopped by a police outrider; another police bike shepherds through the Prime Minister's Rover, coming east down Constitution Hill.’
    • ‘The outrider is the person in a mass-transport who risks capture to save the others.’
    • ‘Police outriders escorted the procession from Lowton Civic Hall to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital at Pendlebury.’
    • ‘Six police motorcyclists drove in front of the coach, with two more outriders and a police car following on behind.’
    • ‘Her chauffeur-driven Jaguar, with police outriders, swept through the gates of Kensington Palace at 2.27 pm and left at 3.14.’
    • ‘I had great admiration for the police outriders who had to maintain control of their vehicles at slow speed and under a rain of well meant missiles… they had many more miles to cover.’
    • ‘To a cheer from the crowd who had stood in the drizzle awaiting the Royals, the Queen, wearing deep purple, and Prince Philip, in morning suit, arrived with an escort of police outriders.’
    • ‘Why were cyclists surrounding it like police outriders and gesticulating at its worried-looking occupants?’
    • ‘The reindeer are always depicted as having antlers, so Santa's outriders must all be females.’
    • ‘Motorbike outriders and officers in high-speed cars made up the top security ‘blue light, category A’ convoy for the 200-mile journey to Belmarsh prison in London.’
    • ‘Traffic was halted and the residents of the normally busy Fenlands market town became almost invisible as the jury coach drove into town, surrounded by police outriders.’
    • ‘At present I am trying to have the number of my police motorcycle outriders increased from two to six - as the dignity of the office deserves.’
    lookout, lookout man, lookout woman, advance guard, vanguard, spy
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    1. 1.1US A mounted official who escorts racehorses to the starting post.
      • ‘The committee also proposed an amendment to require exercise riders, pony riders, and outriders to wear a safety vest when training, exercising, or ponying a horse.’
      • ‘One of the horses was caught by the outriders but the other ran to the gap along the rail where Casey was standing.’
      • ‘He spent 30 years with the association, holding down positions as a outrider, paddock judge, and clerk of scales before his retirement in 1995.’
      • ‘Before the runners started, he gave orders to the marshal to send trusted outriders forward and to see that the racers were not interfered with.’
    2. 1.2US A mounted herdsman who prevents cattle from straying beyond a certain limit.