Definition of outrageously in English:



  • 1In a shockingly bad or excessive way.

    ‘I think Caroline has behaved outrageously’
    ‘the food was outrageously priced’
    as submodifier ‘outrageously rich people’
    • ‘Reading it brings home how outrageously little we women know about our own bodies.’
    • ‘I believe I have followed correct processes and protocols at all times and yet am being punished and treated outrageously.’
    • ‘If they act outrageously, this does not justify a violent response.’
    • ‘The ruling party is incredibly, outrageously corrupt.’
    • ‘"We cannot afford not to defend our positions when we are treated outrageously," she said.’
    • ‘Here and now, share prices do not look outrageously high by historic standards.’
    • ‘But it really has come to something when the man contesting the world No 1 slot is famous primarily because he's disgustingly, outrageously boring.’
    • ‘An off-peak saver return is always available on certain trains on the day for £37 - expensive, but not outrageously so.’
    • ‘Toxic bosses aren't overtly, outrageously sexist - except in occasional emails.’
    • ‘It lies with the deliberately and outrageously distorted reporting of the big corporate news organisations.’
  • 2In a very bold and slightly shocking way.

    ‘he flirted outrageously with his girlfriend's mother’
    ‘the Carnival queens are outrageously dressed’
    • ‘He outrageously kissed her on both cheeks, while wishing, "Happy Birthday, Maiden!"’
    • ‘The men in the crowd started laughing outrageously.’
    • ‘Men and women are outrageously camp and indulge in all sorts of wickedness and deliciously savage behaviour.’
    • ‘Spade's eyes became larger and he pouted outrageously.’
    • ‘She found that she just started "sketching fabulously ornate and outrageously encrusted cocktail rings".’
    • ‘Miller, the most colourful man in world cricket and known for his outrageously dyed hair, has announced his retirement from first-class competition.’
    • ‘He was an actor, who, I would say, played outrageously comic parts with innovative idealism.’
    • ‘When we were kids and this happened, we would simply cheat outrageously and borrow thousands from the bank.’
    • ‘If someone at work asks how many Valentine's cards you got, lie outrageously.’
    • ‘Dahl will last for decades with his breakneck storytelling and outrageously exaggerated characters.’