Definition of outplacement in English:



mass noun
  • The provision of assistance to redundant employees in finding new employment, either as a benefit provided by the employer directly, or through a specialist service.

    • ‘After all, we've been to any number of pink-slip parties hosted by cheeky outplacement firms trolling for clients.’
    • ‘Staff are more likely to derive real benefit from a comprehensive, on-site outplacement service that aims to redistribute people from the facility to other employers and sectors.’
    • ‘Then again, it goes on to say that the process may also be ‘coupled with outplacement services’ and could involve ‘some separation pay if no job is located’.’
    • ‘We did our best to treat people fairly and provide continuity of compensation and outplacement services, and we tried to get it over quickly so that we could get on with business.’
    • ‘‘It wasn't easy, but we tried to ease the way for people by being very generous with severance, early retirement, and outplacement services,’ he says.’
    • ‘When called in to help, psychologists train managers, advise them throughout the process and offer post layoff and outplacement services to employees.’
    • ‘Even if the average number of weeks of severance has dipped, however, noncash benefits like insurance and outplacement services have risen considerably.’
    • ‘If you plan to work later, try to negotiate additional benefits such as career counseling and outplacement.’
    • ‘Demonstrate more than lip service to fair treatment by offering outplacement and other support services.’
    • ‘Workers who lose their jobs will receive a severance package and outplacement services, the firm added.’
    • ‘Otherwise, workers will be offered a package of enhanced severance, airline travel, extended medical benefits and professional outplacement.’
    • ‘You can find them on the Web, at outplacement and headhunting firms, or even on the bulletin board of your local coffee shop.’
    • ‘For many, the most valuable items will be the cash severance and outplacement services.’
    • ‘They also offer a number of training and outplacement services.’
    • ‘Try to get the best deal on severance pay, outplacement help, health coverage, bonus, retirement benefits, and stock options.’
    • ‘Even in a buoyant jobs market departing employees will view outplacement counselling as an opportunity to enhance their employability.’
    • ‘It's hoped that some of the redundancies can be achieved voluntarily, and we will also offer professional outplacement support for those employees seeking new employment.’
    • ‘Employees receive medical, dental, and life insurance benefits for 9 weeks after termination, and three months of outplacement assistance.’
    • ‘Start by doing everything that your former employer's outplacement service recommends.’
    • ‘For instance, many downsizing employers invest in outplacement services, helping laid-off workers to find new jobs or to acquire new skills.’